GL818 Network is an IT consultancy company specializing in latest open source technology.  You may wonder why open source technology can bring you the benefit.   Scability, reliability and total cost of ownership are the best answers of all.    Just name of few, the New York Stock Exchange went with Linux on 2008,  more than 50% market share of web servers are running the Apache open source technology,  the Carnegie Mellon University is running its famous Cyrus IMAP scalable enterprise mail system to support more than 200,000 mailboxes, ……

We support

  • Custom sofware development
  • Enterprise Systems Integration
  • Operating Systems we support Open Source-based network services and applications running on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Windows.
  • LDAP Directory up to core team support for OpenLDAP or running Open Source applications in within an Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Groupware we specialise in supporting enterprise alternatives to Exchange such as OpenGroupware and Kolab on Linux.
  • Enterprise Linux Desktop support for KDE and Gnome on the Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu Linux and OpenSuse Linux.
  • MediaWiki including single sign-on functionality, failover and replication on Linux and Solaris.
  • Samba helping you manage the Open Source alternative for data sharing between Linux file servers and Microsoft clients.
  • Apache the world’s most popular web server with over 70% market share.
  • PostgreSQL up to core team level support for the most powerful Open Source database.
  • Cyrus IMAP experience to sites with 10,000s of mailboxes.


  • A proven track record. Our consultants have more than 10 years’ experience of supporting large-scale IT projects based on Linux.
  • The right resources. Drawn from all technology practice areas, our support professionals are available up to 24×7 by telephone or online
  • Deep technical know-how. We bring deep technology consulting skills, proven methodologies and insights that collectively enable us to provide world-class technical support.
  • Proactive account management. Each clients is allocated an experienced account manager who continuously reviews how your operational and strategic needs are being met.
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